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Farewell James…

Just needed to take a second and say a farewell and last defense of a gem of an actor and a human being.

In my old job, I had the pleasure of meeting James Gandolfini twice (he came to see Mary Poppins on Broadway, for which I was managing the front-of-house). Leading up to his visit, I’d heard story after story of how miserable a human being he was to fans and in person in general. My dukes were up, the hatches were battened down, and I was ready for this guy to bring the pain.

And then … he showed up and proved to be one of the kindest and most gracious celebrities I’d had the pleasure of working with at that job.

While speaking with him about options for some seating concerns, a young lady stepped between us, interrupted me as James was listening to what I was advising him, and requested a photo op. He pointedly, but still politely, put her off by saying, “Not right now, thanks.”

I watched this girl flounce away to her friend, where it was clear she was relating the tale of what a jerk he was. This dreadful, rude, entitled nitwit had no clue how rude SHE just was, and yet, through people like her, the legend of James’ gruffness pervaded.

Let the record show, this guy was as sweet as can be. Gracious, generous, kind, grateful, and hilarious only scratch the surface of the words I have for my experience with him.

Farewell James. You are gone WAY too soon, and this is one household that is going to miss you dearly.

Playa Del Fuego - Spring 2013, 1st Timer Thoughts

I have been sitting on this draft for over two weeks. My apologies for the length:

For the first time in a number of years I can’t even determine a total of, I spent 4 days completely disconnected from the world at large via technology. On Thursday evening, I’d arrived “home,” and powered off the iPhone entirely. No email, no texting, no Twitter, no phone calls … this was the first phase in enjoying an absolutely incredible experience.

I won’t go into the specifics of my overall weekend here. The individual experience, in my opinion, remains on the land. But I will share insights of the vibe and major events (the burns) as a person who took in their “Virgin Burn.”

First, and foremost, is the incredible wonder it is to see the community enveloped in this event. To define the event, and the people attracted to it, is utterly impossible to do, and there lies the charm. I suppose the best way to express the nature of the event is to simply say that it is purely about individual expression and total freedom. There is no judgment in any fashion in any part of the land. The populace consists of spirited and loving people from every walk of creative life. The handshake is completely forgone for the brightest smiles one could ever see, accompanied by the most sincere and welcoming hug one could receive. It is common to feel out of place or beyond a clique in massive gatherings of this nature. Not so on the Playa. Every person we met was welcoming, warm, and purely relishing life as we know it. This mentality is immediately contagious, by the way.

On the Playa, who you are is who you are, and how your express yourself is how you express yourself, and everyone is there to be happy for you, help you, teach you, learn from you, and share with you. It is the very definition of “community.” In the “real world” where, for the most part, the concept of a neighbor is swiftly eroding away, the Playa brings it fully to life and cranks it to inspiring levels.

The people of the Playa alone have, in four days time, given me an entirely new outlook on life. The “real world” will make it its job to test this new-found Zen, and I will falter (I work in New York City, after all), but in the end I know I am changed and better for it. Just don’t tell anyone on Twitter, where I still need to try to keep up the appearance of the swearing curmudgeon folks have grown to love (tolerate).

My other major thrill comes from the realization that Playa Del Fuego (or any Burner event) is the place where one can witness *truly* limited edition artwork. The insanely creative, engaging, and meaningful art is meant to be taken in over the weekend, and it is all said farewell to in a moving bonfire over the course of the latter two evenings. No one will see this art again. Ever. Certainly, photos will exist to capture the pieces so those at home can see it, but the real heart of these works is interacting with them, walking among and inside them, touching them, and leaving your own mark upon them.

The burning of the art begins on Saturday night, with the enormous pony that looms over the event being set ablaze. This part of the event is something that truly needs to be experienced by all. A huge gathering of tribal hand drums drive the army of fire spinning dancers who circle the pony and mesmerize the crowd with their complete mastery of the flames. My personal favorite (and the first thing I Googled when I got home to a computer) is the poi spinning (fire at the end of chains that are spun in impossible patterns). As the drums reach their crescendo, the fire is spun into the base of the pony as the crowd howls a frenzied cheer. The drums give pulse to the moment, bringing us all into the fire and into our primal selves. The fire and the drums make us one. A connected community beating with one, driving heart at the hands of the drummers as we watch the pony say its farewell to the attendees. It was beyond beautiful, and yet not a single word I’ve typed can dream to encapsulate it. 

As incredible as the pony burn was, I personally found myself most moved by the burning of the artwork on Sunday evening. On one piece, sentiments were left for beloved pets that have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, and they were whisked away in the glowing embers of Sunday’s somber burn. The Temple was another piece (my personal favorite) that was an impressive sight upon which you could leave your own sentiment, quip, or trouble to let go. As the flames overtook the Temple at the same Sunday burn, the embers carried away those very worries forever. I focus on the Sunday burn for these reasons. It was a more cathartic moment than the more party-vibed burn of the giant pony on Saturday.

Try as I might to give scope to the event in words alone, it’s impossible. All I can say to best sum it all up is that I absolutely can not wait to get back Home again. Maybe we’ll see you there next time.


I got tired of people savvying me about the revelations of NSA surveillance and asking why anyone would care about secret, intrusive spying, so I wrote a new Guardian column about it, “The NSA’s Prism: why we should care.”

We’re bad at privacy because the…



Always reblog the Alfather

Cept it’s not right. the one listed for Cap is actually IM2. He’s at the cafe with Cap telling him to get the waitress’s number.

The waitress scene was a deleted bit of The Avengers that they sacrificed and used the news clip instead. This breakdown is correct.


The Creepiest Place on Earth on Flickr.
The dark side of Disney - My take on Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World Florida on a stormy overcast day.

This is the guy who shot my magic promo shots a couple years ago. Bloody genius. Go love his work, jerks!!! :-)


The Creepiest Place on Earth on Flickr.

The dark side of Disney - My take on Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World Florida on a stormy overcast day.

This is the guy who shot my magic promo shots a couple years ago. Bloody genius. Go love his work, jerks!!! :-)



I see this floating around without a source.


CISPA & New Jersey

I’m not going to take the space here to go into all that is bad news about the passing of CISPA by Congress. Any amount of cursory Googling will give you everything you need to know about your swiftly eroding privacy (not that there’s any of that left anyway).

What I am taking this space to give you all here is a list, for those that follow me from New Jersey. These are the men who voted in favor of the government getting even deeper into your privacy. Say farewell to them via the booth in 2014, please.

The Offenders:

  • Rodney Frelinghuysen (R)
  • Leonard Lance (R)
  • Frank LoBiondo (R)
  • Donald Payne (D)
  • Jon Runyan (R)
  • Albio Sires (D)
  • Chris Smith (R)


Once Upon A Time cosplay. I’m Maleficent, katiebienvenue is young Regina.

I know one or two Tumblr followers that are probably going to freak out at this. Brilliant, as always!




I went to Disney World yesterday for the first time since I was eight. Immediately I went to buy a Peter Pan cap. Pan has been my favorite Disney movie since I was two. After I found my cap and went on a few rides I went around looking for Peter. Once I found him I waited in line to get my picture, which probably looked odd seeing as I am sixteen years old and 5”8, standing in line next to a bunch of six year olds. Once I got up there, he saw my cap and said “Defending the park from Hook while I’m off duty?” I replied “yes, I hope I’m doing a good job!”
That was around the time he noticed the scars on my wrists. He kinda gave me a look in my eyes and said “you okay?” I told him, “well Peter, you’d know better than anyone how tough it is to grow up.” And he looked at me and whispered, “Neither of us are grown up yet. We might have gotten older over the years, but we haven’t forgotten what it’s like.”
Then he told me, “since we’re both from Neverland, and you’re my partner in crime, stand back to back with me, and cross your arms. We’ve got to do the signature pose!”
I know the guy who dresses up as Peter Pan for Disney doesn’t realize this, but all that he did for me in the five minutes I met him made me feel happier than I’ve felt in months. I felt like a child again, and feeling like a child is pretty great sometimes.
I’m not ready to grow up yet.

oh no im crying

i know this doesnt match my blog but whatever im choking up

Complain about “Eeevil Disney” all you like, but when they get it right, they get it right.